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Meditation, Mantras, Mandalas and Monkeys

 We're ready to take off in 2016, The Year of the Fire Monkey!

The Year of the Sheep paaasssed with challenges that enabled many of us to focus and get clarity on all aspects of our lives. We are now prepared to move forward at a good pace, scattered as it may be. Imagine monkeys swinging from branch to branch, picking up and peeling a banana, biting into it, then dropping it to the ground, only to chase after another adventure. It's okay to approach your many new projects in this way; once you find something is not working, try not to analyze the past missteps. Instead, leap onto another branch and into your successful future!  Yes, it is possible to accomplish all your goals with the fiery red of creativity, passion, and joy. 


Hello Extraordinary People!

I am always on time. It is a rare occasion when I am tardy without advance notice. Rarer still, are the times when my host greets me with, "Oh, you're early!"

With that said, I will be repeating this mantra for the next few weeks, whenever I drive to The Healing Arts Center from town (East). "I am always on time. Always. On time. Always."

Just letting all of you know that construction for the Honolulu Rail Project will be stepped up on Kamehameha Highway in the area surrounding Hekaha Street (that's our road!) starting 

Monday, February 22, and continue for 3 weeks.

Here's the deal: 

Driving westbound on Kamehameha Highway, there will be No Left Turn Onto Hekaha Street. This is a temporary restriction, expecting to be cleared within 3 weeks. 

This is in addition to the closures already in effect along both eastbound and westbound Kamehameha Highway lanes.

Suggested alternate routes are to drive past Hekaha Street and make a U-Turn at Kaahumanu Street (in front of Blaisdell Park); or turn right onto Kanuku Street (the street before Hekaha Street, going towards Waimalu Shopping Center), then left on one of the residential streets behind Waimalu Shopping Center, left again onto Hekaha Street, and head straight across Kamehameha Highway; 

or (my favorite) use Moanalua Road through 'Aiea, which passes mauka (toward the mountains) of Pearlridge Shopping Center, turn left onto Hekaha Street, and then head straight across Kamehameha Highway. 

If you choose to stay on the freeway, 

take the Pearl City/Waimalu off ramp, then head back toward 'Aieal/Waimalu. Stay in the farthest right lane and turn down Kaahumanu Street, then left onto to Kamehameha Highway and a right onto Hekaha Street. 

Whichever route you choose, I know you will be on time!

Love, Susan


Dance Your Way to Health & Happiness!

Anytime you get the chance,
Instead of walking
Get up and dance!

Dancing makes me happy. 

When I dance, I am happy....I dance, therefore I am happy.

Or is it the other way around? 

When I am happy, I dance....I am happy, therefore, I dance.  

If you feel like you could use more happiness in your life, try dancing or singing, or cycling, or baking...whatever makes you happy. 

Think of a time when you were happy, and piece together the things that brought that uplifting feeling to you. 

You felt it before, so you KNOW can feel it again! 

Get happy!

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Instead of making me laugh,
it just makes me


Video added February 19, 2014