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Our experienced therapists are licensed to offer services in the State of Hawai'i.  Please call them individually to schedule your appointment.

Workshop Presenters and Speakers
Our dynamic presenters really know their stuff!  Register for an event and experience how you can move toward your goals in a way that is easy, gentle and kind to you!

Susan Suzuki, LMT, Energy Healer and Life Mentor          808-728-2171     email Susan    

Susan is a Life Mentor, Energy Healer and Licensed Massage Therapist at the Healing Arts Center.  She has extensive experience with cancer survivors through her past position as Program Coordinator with the Bosom Buddies of Hawai'i Program.  With 20 years of hands-on experience and intuitive skills as a Life Mentor, Susan helps her clients find their way to a place of peace and balance in their lives.  Known to be playful and creative, her current goal focuses on the community as The Healing Arts Center offers multiple means to the same end--living the life of your dreams!  Schedule an appointment with Susan and experience the magic for yourself!
Sessions with Susan are $150 for 60 minutes.  All sessions include:

  • Healing Touch to balance your energy and ground you
  • Conversational Mentoring to clarify your goals
  • Integrative Quantum Medicine, Theta Healing and CORe (Cell and Organ Regeneration Through Consciousness) Healing
  • If your concerns are better addressed with hands-on therapy, Susan offers Connective Tissue work to release myofascial restrictions and Trigger Points, and her unique style of passive micro-traction.  All hands-on techniques are part of the Impeccable Touch Program.     

Jonnylyn Willing, LMT , CHTP and Yoga Instructor               808-225-8275

You'll be able to relax completely in a session with Jonny, as she uses soothing strokes and detailed work to release the tension in your body.  Her regular clients simply love her touch!  Integrating different hands-on styles, Jonny's sessions are special because of her experience in specialized modalities such as Integrative Quantum Medicine, Oncology Massage and Massage for Golfers.  Jonny is also a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner,  volunteering at Kapi'olani Medical Center for Women and Children and she teaches our Monday Evening Yoga Classes.

 One hour Massage:  $60

One hour Healing Touch:  $50


Jay Kamibayashi, Shiatsu Specialist             

Known as the "Blind Shiatsu Specialist", Jay will surprise you by how much he can see with his hands.  He is calm and direct in his approach, and his sense of humor keeps the sessions light, which is welcomed as he focuses deep into your meridians.  Jay is available for pre-scheduled appointments on most days at the Healing Arts Center.
Please call Jay to schedule an appointment at your convenience. 
One hour Shiatsu:  $60

Note: Jay's guide dog, Zandria is nearby whenever he is working.  She is calm and accepting of everyone, and will keep her distance when told to do so.  Please let Jay know if you are uncomfortable around animals prior to your appointment.

Nate Nakasone, LMT, Hawaiian Healer          808-722-7292     Email Nate

Nate is fortunate to have acquired his healing skills and wisdom from his Kumu La'au Lapa'au, Auntie Alapa'i and Kumu Lomilomi,  Alvah Andrews and Keola Chan.  Through their guidance, he has nurtured and respected his gifts of healing, and he honors their teachings in his daily life and work.  His true gift is in the way he provides spiritual, physical, mental and emotional healing to all people with his gentle voice and talk story style.   

Lomilomi (massage with ancient Hawaiian origins) 
Lomi a'e (stepping on the body) 
Kukakuka (healing through talking story) 

Emma Mitchell, Energy Sound Healer, LMT & Angel Intuitive 808-282-6468     email Emma     go to Emma's website

Emma combines a unique integration of healing modalities specializing in Sound (Crystal Singing Bowls), Light and Energy to help restore natural balance and wholeness on all levels: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.  Her passion is to empower us all, to live at our highest vibration of health, happiness and divine purpose.  Emma guides clients with personal sessions and classes; creating a safe, loving space to find self-healing and self-acceptance.  She is a volunteer at Kapi?olani Medical Center for Women and Children, offering Reiki and Healing Touch to oncology patients.  Emma works with her clients at the Healing Arts Center or you may opt to speak with her via phone for a distance session.

Emma's Sound Meditation Evenings with her Magical Singing Crystal Bowls have been a staple at the Healing Arts Center since her first "playing" in May 2012.  Please see our Classes and Workshops page for her next offering. 

Yumi Okamoto, LMT, Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Energy Healer, YBR Instructor          808-927-5959

Yumi is straightforward and thorough in her approach with clients, which belies her natural intuitive skills.  Her interest in wellness began when she took her 1st Degree Reiki class.  This was followed by her first hands-on class, Cranio-Sacral I and Dr. Bruno Chikly's Lymphatic Drainage I class more than a decade ago.  Yumi gained all this experience way BEFORE her formal training to become a licensed massage therapist!  See what I mean by intuitive?  Yumi was born knowing this was her life's work!

It's her connection with this strong energetic foundation that enables clients to feel her effectiveness long after their sessions.  Simply put, Yumi has found her passion and life's work!  Lucky for us, her path has led her to our door! 

Suzen Murakoshi, YBR Instructor, Playwrite, Actor, Director               917-225-8139

Suzen has apprenticed in New York City with Yamuna Zake since 2005.  At Yamuna's side, she has assisted in Body Logic sessions, with staff training at Canyon Ranch, and in classes at the Yamuna Body Rolling flagship studio in NYC.

Suzen holds an MFA from the New School for Social Research, NYC in acting and playwriting.  As a performer, Suzen has appeared on and off-Broadway as an actor and dancer, as well as in television and on film.  Trained in ballet, jazz, modern dance and jivamukti yoga, Suzen brings her movement experiences to Yamuna Body Rolling, Body Logic and YBR Therapeutics.  

"All bodywork modalities are doors into the same room, of which the work with Yamuna's Studio is one of the most efficient."

Suzen brings the most current experiences from Yamuna Zake's New York studio exclusively to The Healing Arts Center with regular workshops.

Yamuna Body Logic Session: Initial session: $125.  Follow-up sessions: $100. 

Learn more about Yamuna Body Rolling.

Maureen O'Shaughnessy, Reiki Master, Intuitive, Author               808-256-8620

Maureen Pua?ena O?Shaughnessy is a Reiki Master in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition, and is a Board Member of The Reiki Alliance.  She began her work with Reiki in 1991, and was initiated as a Reiki Master in 1995 by Reiki Master Jessica Osborn-Turner.  Maureen teaches Reiki full time, traveling between Hawaii, the mainland U.S., Canada and Europe. She teaches classes regularly at The Healing Arts Center, has been a guest speaker for many organizations and has appeared on numerous Radio and TV shows.

Maureen is the author of "MY NAKED JOURNEY: A Reiki Master's Quest to Live Authentically".  Find out more about her book here: "MY NAKED JOURNEY"
Maureen's primary focus is to bring Reiki to people to use for themselves and others as a simple, natural means for personal growth and to bring health and balance to all individuals.

Maureen offers Intiutive Gatherings at the Healing Arts Center several times a year, using her "Higher Wisdom" to answer questions from the group. 

Read more about Maureen at


Paula Jepas, Voice Finders Vocal Coach          808-728-0974    email Paula  

Paula Jepas has been a singer since 7 years old, as an original member of the Waimanalo Keikis.  Her passion for music has grown as she continues to perform as a professional singer and dancer.  Although Paula has been a professional vocal coach for nearly 20 years, the vocal abuse she has experienced such as laryngitis, voice drop-out and soft node development prompted her own vocal coaches to tell her to "stop singing".  What?!  No way!  Unable to accept what others saw as inevitable, she re-trained her body, mind and spirit with the skills, determination and faith that embodies a true survivor. 

Voice Finder covers all the concepts of assessing and training an individual's vocal production, performance and physical health in a scientific, holistic and spiritual manner.  It's foundation has been Paula's philosophy for living over the past 20 years.  She has pushed the envelope in vocal lessons as a student and coach, and challenged traditional vocal training rules, tailoring her coaching style to fit every individual as she sees each voice as a unique instrument.

Joyce Wong, Licensed Massage Therapist                      808-256-7442

Joyce has a way of nurturing everything she touches.  You will feel the sincerity and gentleness of her character through her hands as she begins the massage, and your body will melt under her touch.  Joyce is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and is the guiding force behind the Volunteer Program that offer Healing Touch and Reiki at Kapi'olani Medical Center for Women and Children and Pali Momi Hospital at Pearlridge. She is also experienced in Oncology Massage and Infant Massage.  Joyce is living her dream job as the Director of Complementary Care at Kapi'olani Medical Center for Women and Children. 

One hour Massage: $60 

One hour Healing Touch: $50


Get the Most from Your Session

~ Be candid with your therapist.  Discuss any concerns so they may be addressed.
~ Work with your therapist to clarify your goals for the session.
~ Eating a large meal before a session is not recommended.  Hold off on "filling up" until after your appointment.
~ Unless absolutely necessary, keep your cell phone turned off during your session.
~ Stay hydrated after your session.  Drinking water helps everything flow easier.
~ If possible, remain in a stress-free environment for the rest of the day.

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